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CNPC Daqing Oilfield Overseas Business Department Establishment "Three Steps" Development Path

2017-02-15 20:55

On February 14, CNPC Daqing Oilfield exported four Canadian 912 pumping units. The new year, Daqing Oilfield seized the policy opportunities, vigorously expanded overseas markets, cleared overseas business planning and deployment, to achieve the scale of development in the new year.

In recent years, Daqing Oilfield unswervingly implement the "going out" strategy, and overseas business developed rapidly. At the end of last year, the group company’s "Views on The Daqing Oilfield as A Good Benchmark for The Construction of a Hundred Years of Oil Field" clearly pointed out that "Daqing Oilfield shall be the scientific production benchmark by 2030 and even a long period of time. Daqing Oilfield will maintain sustainable development of 40 million tons of oil and gas or equivalent, overseas oil and gas equivalent to 'half of the country' and the degree of internationalization will substantial." Daqing Oilfield overseas business development was raised to the overall strategic height of the Group.

Daqing Oilfield clearly indicated the "Three Steps" plan to realize leapfrog development. Firstly, to solid push transfer project development, to achieve a smooth transition. Then, to actively carry out the cooperative development of new project, and strive to expand new projects. The third step, to achieve leapfrog development relying on innovation driven, to promote the core technology of oil field standardization, materialization and industrialization, to take the market led by technology, demand created by technology, brand built by technology.

Seizing the opportunity to seek development across. Daqing Oilfield accelerated the transformation of overseas related projects. The company actively participate in the evaluation of the relevant projects in the Middle East, and concentrated the whole oil field to do a good job project docking and development operations to achieve new business structure.

Integration of resources, overseas scale expands. Daqing Oilfield optimized the allocation of market resources to create a shared open pattern and promote the business driven by each other to promote oilfield development, engineering, construction, oil equipment manufacture, production services, diversified business and other business.

Enhancements of team, human security strengthening. Daqing Oilfield did good overseas business, technology and management talent reserves and exploration of technical management through cross-style and whole system forms. The company promoted overseas project operations   further improved the international operation capacity.

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